Coil and Strip

  • Stainless Nickle Alloy Coil Strip

     Stainless steel strip is widely applied to tube/pipe making,building material, kitchen sinks/cutlery, baths, elevators,kitchen benches,utomotive application,metal stamping,industrial application, hose, hardware-tools,spring applications,cable industry, ropes, etcexsteel Industry Group is  capable to produce strips and high precision quality strips with 0.005mm minimum thickness and 2.0mm minimum width. We enjoy specially design and advanced equipment to offer special needs to our clients!

  • Spring Strip

    Cold rolled and hot rolled hard spring steel strips can be offered by exsteel Industry Group.The strips usually used in production of knife,cutting machine,springs...Spring steels are low alloy, medium or carbon steels manufactured to very high yield strengths. Their main feature is the ability to resist deformation, and return to shape. There are two main methods of production, the most common involving the heat treatment process known as hardening and tempering, where medium and high carbon steels are heated and quenched. Whilst this achieves high yield strength, the process introduces br...

  • Copper/Aluminum/Alloy Strip Coil

    Copper/Aluminum/Alloy Strip Coil