Tube and Pipe

  • Stainless Nickle Alloy Seamless Tube Pipe

    ShangHai Exsteel Co.,ltd is specialized in the manufacture of stainless steel tubes and pipes.Stainless steel tubes and pipes are usually applied in construction, oil, medicine, food, paper, machinery, chemicals, food containers and other industries. exsteel Industry Group is professional at the tolerance control and surface process job on both inside diameter and out side diameter.We can offer tubes in tolerance +/-0.05mm withpickled,2B,NO.4,HL,180Grit, 320 Grit and mirror finish.The tubes can be offered with polished bright inside surface with Roughness below 0.4...

  • Stainless Nickle Alloy Welded Tube Pipe

    Stainless steel welded Tube/pipe is one of our specificity products. It is widely used in decoration piping, oil piping, furniture and mechanical part. exsteel Industry Group is professional at the production of Stainless Steel Welded Tube and pipes.

  • Carbon Galvanized Alloy Steel Pipe Tube

    A106/A53 Pipe,A192  Pipe,A252 Pipe,A179 Pipe,Q195,Q235 Industries ServedStructure Use, water transport, Building, Machinery, Traffic, Aviation, Oil development and so on

  • Copper/Aluminum/Alloy Tube Pipe

    Copper|Aluminum|Alloy Tube Pipe